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Committee Members

NamePositionPhone No.
Gerald DodsonChairman(01245) 381288
Roy CannonTreasurer(01245) 284025
Tony ListerLiason with ICENI Group · · ·
Frank WatkinsonTemporary Webmaster/Editor (01206) 823199
Dan GladingNon-Exec(01245) 471463
Don ScottNon-Exec(01766) 770687
Martin HamiltonNon-Exec · · ·
Cedric WoodhallNon-Exec · · ·

Please note that ALL personal email addresses have been withdrawn from this site, as of 21st January 2004.

If you need to contact anyone via email and don't have an active address for them, please contact the temporary editor at


and an address will be supplied wherever possible.

Apologies for the fact that the above is not an active link.

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